Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last night I watched the infamous interview of producer Mark. L Rosen from the documentary "Snuff: A Documentary About Killing On Camera." I had seen the whole film about a year ago, but was reminded of that interview from the Film Vault podcast on the ACE network. I forgot how disturbing the story he tells is and it's really stuck with me all day.

Some background: Rosen was a big-time horror film producer, credited for producing classics like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was called by some men from the Phillipines about an unbelievable film they had to show him...looking for some funding and means to distribute it. They flew to Chicago to meet him and this is what happened...(follow the link to see the interview):


Pretty disturbing stuff. The legitimacy of the interview has been questioned by skeptics, those who say that the whole interview was scripted. I really can't decide what I personally think though. He delivers the story with such emotion and fear that it really is believable at times. I think the reason why I, and others, don't want to believe it's true is for the reason that Rosen himself brings up...that we don't WANT to believe that it's real; that we don't want to imagine a world where something like that exists. In reality, however, it probably does...

Here's the full trailer to the documentary:


Of course, the full doc can be found in parts on that Liveleak site...

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