Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Jackpot

Before the 4th of the July festivities yesterday afternoon, I got bored and headed to my local "Half-Priced Books" store. They have a rotating rack of vhs tapes for a dollar a piece set up front. I was browsing through them, putting the ones that interested me in my basket when I came upon some cover art that caught my eye:

Recon Game AKA Open Season (NOT the animated adventure with the giant bear). I had never heard of this movie, but grabbed it just because of the cover. I mean, look at those man boobs...

Anyway, I came home and looked the tape up on ebay and saw that it was going for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I went to amazon to check it out. Once again, a copy going for $92. After asking around on a VHS collectors facebook group I belong to, I come to find out that this tape is indeed super rare and worth the amount that it's being sold for. It was copied from a European version (poorly copied at that) and scarcely distributed throughout the US.

I can't really find much more about it plot-wise, but from the description on the back I think it's about three guys that get back from Vietnam and end up hunting women??? I'll probably watch it soon and find out - in which case I'll end up writing a review for it. You can watch the whole thing in parts on youtube if you're interested:

Nothing better than buying something for a dollar to later find out that it's worth 100 times that.

Here are some of my other grabs from yesterday. The Undead Rising box is a hologram, which is pretty cool and I was also really excited to find Dolemite.

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